Virtual Care System with Appointment Management Tool

Get Paid as A Provider

Patients Require Care. TelePractice requires a reliable HIPAA Compliant Tool that documents your encounters.

Improve Patient Outcomes

The ability to add caregivers to the appointment allows you to engage the patients care team to improve outcomes.

Work From Home

Time and location freedom are essentially made possible by reliable easy-to-use software tools such as Virtual Care. by Ability.

Ability Virtual Care Tool

Monthly Plan


  • Unlimited Appointments

  • Insurance Eligibility Checking

  • Two-Way Video with Chat and file sharing

  • Email and Text Appointment Reminders

  • Add Caregivers to the call on Demand

  • HIPPA Compliant Documentation and Time stamping

Virtual Patient Care Simplified

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • What does the Virtual Care tool do for me?

    The web based virtual care tool is a HIPAA Compliant patient Care portal that allows you to schedule patient appointments, set email and text reminders , and document the time spent at each appointment to produce an audit trail of your activity.

  • Why do I need a patient care portal?

    While telephone appointments can be used for consultations now there is pressure pushing providers towards using video calls to actually see and interact with a patient. With a video call you can demonstrate techniques and actually see the patient and observe behavior, tone and inflection.

  • Why can't I use a free teleconference app to do that?

    Our system has built in appoint reminders and rescheduling capability as well as waiting room functions to better manage your time. No shows can be a huge problem in appointment based patient care activities. In addition, this system has the ability to bring in additional caregiver to the call on demand and  does not require the patient to download an app. The simply click on a text link to be brought right in to the appointment.

  • Why should I care whether the patient has to download an app or not?

    You want to spend your time with the patient not explaining to them how to connect to your meeting. Non-tech savvy patients find our simple interface much more user friendly.

  • How easy is it to learn to use?

    if you are tech savvy at all you can figure out the basics in less than a half hour. Some of the advanced features will take a little more time but you can start right away without much training at all.

  • Why do I need the billing module?

    if you plan on billing insurance such as Medicare for services you need to have the correct billing information. Once you have performed the services it is too late to find out the patient has no coverage. Using the built in billing module you can easily determine the patients coverage status before you before the work.

  • Do I actually have to do the billing for the Doctor?

    Many physician's prefer to bill within their own system for a variety of reasons. But patient charts are historically not 100% accurate. By using the eligibility checking feature you can help your partner physicians keep their EHR up to date and reduce unpaid, delayed or rejected claims. So even if you are not doing the billing you can provide great value to your partners.

  • What if i try the platform but don't like it?

    We pay to provide the tool for you each month. So you can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no long term committment required. your maximum exposure is one month's fee. 

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