Remote Patient Monitoring and Pharmacogenomic Evaluation Toolkit

Get Paid as A Provider

Provide Insurance billed service through a physician or cash pay service directly to patients...or both.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Real time remote patient monitoring gives you the data you need to help an engaged patient thrive under your care. A Genomic test provides you with the ultimate tool for personalized medication management.

Set Your Own Hours & Work From Home

All services can be provided live in  office or via our TelePractice remote virtual model as you work from home.

Diasyst AccesDX Bundle

Starter kit

Monthly Base Cost


  • Your own Diasyst and AccessDx

    Software seat License

  • Full product Support from Diasyst and Access DX

  • No cost 30 minute One-in-One Consultation with our Concierge Pharmacist

  • * CoPay of $20 Per Patient Per Month in addition to the seat license. Billed monthly based on the number of patients you have enrolled.

Diabetes, Hypertension and Genomics Simplified

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • What can I do with my Diasyst License ?

    You can work with patients to manage their Diabetes and Hypertension. The tool provides you with real time data and clinical decision support as well as produces Care plan documents and records your time on task for each encounter. You can charge cash, Bill insurance if your ate has provider status, or work with a physician to perform incident to billing under supervision. You are free to use it in any way you choose as long as you do not violate any laws or covenants with the patient care process.

  • How long does it take to get set up on the platform?

    It will take 3-4 business days to get your correct information and secure your login credentials. In the meantime you will have immediate access to the training portal to begin learning how to use the software. Everything you need to know to launch your service is included in the training.

  • Why is there a license fee per patient?

    We have purchased a master license and get charged a per patient per month fee for using the platform. Each patient under cares requires a tremendous amount of computer processing and data storage. Therefore we pass the per month month fee on to you. But you should think of this as a co-pay program. For every patient under your care you are paying us a $15 copayment but you keep all of the revenue you generate.

  • Are there really patients willing to pay cash for these services?

    Many patients of means are frustrated by the lack of attention they receive from the healthcare system. If the want better care and more of your time and attention they will pay for it. We can't discuss what you charge but that is entirely up to you. But if you were to find only 40 patients that were willing to pay you $250 per month you could fully replace your pharmacist salary. Obviously, I can't promise you this will happen or that you will make money just by buying a license. It is up to you to build out your clientele and decide what to charge them.

  • How many patients need a Pharmacogenomic workup?

    New genomic issues are uncovered daily. Current estimates are that as much as 35% of patients may be impacted adversely by the failure to understand their genome. There is no way to perform an accurate medication review without this data. But many people may not meet the screening requirements to need the test. But virtually every patient should be screened to detrmine if they are at risk.

  • Can care be provided via Telemedicine?

    Absolutely Yes. The COVID Pandemic has opened the door to expanded Telemedicine encounters. Medicare has allowed for patient for these encounters and almost everyone in the country has experienced a Virtual visit in the last year. I think Telemedicine is hear to stay and we have a variety of tools in out toolkit to help you provide high quality care remotely.

  • What if I don't know where to start to begin my RPM Genomics practice?

    You are probably over thinking this. Find a patient and start treating them even if you have to treat a family ember for free. once you understand how everything works offer to treat some patients for your physician. Believe me it will grow from there. Don't let fear of failure prevent you from taking action. Go through all the training and then if you still need help reach out to us to get you the help you need to thrive.

  • Is there really money to be made here?

    Medicare billing codes for remote patient monitoring can generate somewhere around $2400 per year to a physician for conducting these encounters correctly. This varies State by State. If you have full provider status you may be able to bill 85% of that and keep that revenue for yourself. If you work on behalf of a physician you would need to negotiate what the physician will pay you for doing the work.  If you provide cash pay services you would keep all the revenue you generate. But yes there is some money to be made. And that doesn't even include all the other services that you can offer to treat the whole patient because most Diabetics have multiple co-morbidities. if you include Hypertension monitoring, Cost savings analysis, medication reconciliation there is a lot here to work with.


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